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Are you one who hits the ground running 10/1 (or 9/1) armed with pumpkins, hay bales, spiders, ghosts and more over every square inch of your front porch? Or more of a stick a pumpkin out at 6pm Halloween evening so the kids know you’re totally into this candy thing (this is SO me)?!?

Well while we’re usually the one pumpkin, last minute candy run kind of family my husband has been hit by the Halloween bug for the first time ever (dad-mode) and last month he texted me the following image out of the blue (sans text, just the image) …

File Nov 01, 8 58 12 AM

I first looked and looked to figure out who these folks were before I realized he was sending this suggesting we family costume it up this year. We have NEVER (NEVER EVER) done couple or family costumes so this was seriously a dad-level-up moment. I did have serious doubts about our ability to follow through and (as you’ll see) my intuition was on point.

You can see our maximum effort on Halloween the past two years (yes those are the same costumes) here.

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And this year (though hubs continued to have lots of great ideas of what we should do) and after at least an hour at target deciding on a toddler costume.. which culimnated in her declaring (calmly and rationally as all toddlers do) that she was NOT wearing a costume we settled for ‘playing dressup’ in a costume we already had (see what I said about our follow through and effort before?!?). I even slacked on the pro photog mom side and just did cell phone images because we were running late for trick or treating.

But what’s popular with far trendier folks this year??! I was curious so I looked and these are GREAT and I have to admit I have no idea who/what/where Riverdale is (ahhh).

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